Vital Caters Becky and Maxine's Wedding by Jude Goldman

So on June 26th, 2015 the Supreme Court ruled that same sex marriages were a right nationwide.

We catered our first wedding  celebrating in grand culinary style with Becky and Maxine.

We are grateful that they allowed us to prepare a  feast for their friends and family.

Here are some highlights...

©Brie Passano

Vital's Go-Banzo!! new product developement by Jude Goldman

 ©Brie Passano

©Brie Passano

Hard at work scheming up some new power packed, ultra flavorful, high in protein and low in fat...Super food snack the Go-Banzo!!!

They are perfectly crunchy roasted from brined, sprouted chick peas, slowly oven roasted and then dredged in our aromatic blends of spices.

Here we have featured a Legendary Love, sweet cinnamon and brown sugar flavor, then Baharat, a North African blend with cardamon, rose petals and clove for a pungent, warm exotic experience. For the more traditional approach we did a classic garlic and onion flavor as well...then of course for all the heat seekers a Fire Starter blend of scorching but complexly layered with notes of ginger, kashmiri  chili peppers and cinnamon.

© Brie Passano 2015

We will keep you updated, we want to do some classic flavors like salt & pepper, BBQ, Sour Cream and Onion (Vegan), So-Cheezy, but then some ground breakers like KimChi flavored ones!

Anyway the chick pea alchemy is fun and I have never ingested so many along the way!

Fork & Lens - caffeine fiend, by Jude Goldman

A recent trip to Seattle helped to solidify my love for the bean. I certainly experienced some wonderful brew there although I'm not sure what's behind the almost spiritual reverence towards their spin on it. The barista in the first image, crafts this cup of java with the intensity of a presidential secret service sniper...

© Jude Goldman 2015

As far as a localized hunt for the perfect cup, I would have to sing praise to Lucy Jo's out of Salem, New York at Hands down the most superb iced coffee experience.

My girlfriend was also recently raving about a nitro cold brewed coffee out of NYC which sounds and looked pretty mind-blowing.

                                                                                     © Brie Passano 2015                                        image from Instagram

                                                                                    © Brie Passano 2015                                        image from Instagram

So for standard fare, everyday black tar sipping, book reading or heart pounding seeking coffee lovers I do have my personal local favorite. My girlfriend who is from NYC also religiously purchase this upstate to bring home. It's without question, Vermont Coffee Company Dark Organic roast out of Middlebury Vermont. I would say it's like when people say "why is your ketchup or hot sauce better?" and we say back to them "Because it is!"

Also this was a great random, happenstance while in the middle of a photo shoot in Chinatown we run into this artist Zachary who is meticulously and ceremoniously preparing coffee in his hand built "to-go travel, chair kit set up" I will say this was certainly one of the top five coffees that I shared with someone this year!

© Jude Goldman 2015